Why Virtual?


Real World Products and Services

The cost to put on a Virtual Convention can be as low as $30. There are many sponsorship spots available throughout the Virtual Space in order for you to bring in more revenue.


Real world goods and services can be sold just as they are on a website. Everything in the Virtual World is clickable (and trackable) to an e-commerce site.

Unlimited Attendance

Real time Networking

A Virtual Convention has no barriers for attendance. Attendees can be anywhere in the world and walk through the virtual space, converse, share and sell.


Networking hours are easy to attend, no one drinks too much and again, it is easy for everyone to mingle.

No Travel Expenses

Full Customizable Presence

The cost to attend is usually less than a tenth of the cost of a real world convention pass. No travel expenses are incurred.


UtherConventions 3D artists can customize booths to an exact replica of a real world booth or any design of the owners choosing.


Control over the Space

We have found Virtual Conventions get everyone involved. Many people would not attend a real world show, but like to be able to go "anonymously".


Areas can be easily restricted so only specific users can enter making it easy to put on CEO mastermind sessions or smaller breakout sessions.

Audience Participation

Expertise Combined

Audience participation is constant and real time.

Expert speaking panels are easily brought together through VOIP to have multi person lectures and debates.